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Grip-lok cather & line securement

Grip-Lok® is a stabilisation and securement device strong enough to lock catheters, tubes, and lines securely in place, yet versatile enough for almost any securement situation.

    Safe... Grip-Lok is latex free and packaged sterile
    Simple... Grip-Lok is applied in the same simple manner as a bandage
    Secure... Durably engineered, Grip-Lok holds better than tape and helps prevent dislodgement and migration
    Versatile... Many Grip-Lok models can be universally used with a wide range of lines and tubes

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ICU Medical

TEGO needlefree haemodialysis connector

Designed to protect your patients’ catheters from contamination and increased risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections during haemodialysis and apheresis applications.

    The Tego connector creates a mechanically and microbiologically closed system when attached to the hub of a catheter, eliminating open catheter hubs and lowering the chance of contamination and infection.
    Tego's saline flush option allows you to reduce risks and costs associated with heparin use.

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The Tourniquet

    Latex free
    Single patient use
    45cm long & 2.5cm wide
    Elastic nylon & polyester fibre material
    Rapid & easy application
    Automatic tension lock prevents circulatory damage from over tightening
    Gradual or instantaneous release of tension
    Tested to strain limits greatly in excess of normal requirements ensuring the strap won’t break during use

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