Expiratory Ventilation Assistance

Ventrain® is the only ventilation device that provides full ventilation in "Cannot Intubate, Cannot Ventilate" situations. Ventrain® not only supplies oxygen during the inspiration phase, but also uses suction to actively remove gas from the lungs during the expiration phase. This active expiration has been named Expiratory Ventilation Assistance (EVA).

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Triarc Medical

Medical Labelling Systems

Since the early 1980’s Triarc Medical has been dedicated to providing labelling systems to the medical industry in New Zealand and around the world. With an extensive range of over 4000 high quality preprinted medical labels Triarc provide positive identification labelling solutions that conform with the AS/NZS4375:1996 Standard which is the foundation for patient safety.

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Xavant Technology

Pain Management


The STIMPOD NMS450 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is designed to provide dual functionality with both precision nerve location and Neuromuscular Blocking Agent monitoring. The NMS450 has a unique three-dimensional accelerometer to accurately and continuously provide TOF, DB and PTC ratio's during the entire procedure.

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Airway Mannequins

With over 10 years’ experience, TruCorp® are leading the market in providing realistic and durable training manikins. A commitment to innovation, design and development has allowed TruCorp® to provide a wide range of anatomically correct airway management, emergency skills and surgical skill trainers.

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Video Laryngoscopy

Whether you’re facing the challenges of a difficult-to-intubate airway, an emergency situation in the field, or even navigating the treatment of a preterm child, there’s a GlideScope Video Laryngoscope solution designed to enable quick intubation with a consistently clear, real-time view of your patient’s airway.

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Teleflex Medical Australia

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