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TRIARC Medical Labelling Systems

Positive patient identification labelling solutions

(These products are only available for the Australian market)

A selection of Triarc label designs

Triarc Medical Labelling Systems

Teleflex Medical, in partnership with Triarc Medical Labelling Systems, offer a full range of ISO26285:2008 compliant anaesthetic syringe labels. These labels are endorsed by ANZCA and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care for the labelling of medications used in a closed practice environment with a clearly established patient identity. All codes are supplied as a roll of 500 labels.

Slimline Medical Labels

An extensive range of slimline medical labels (32mm×12mm) are available for a variety of hospital, radiological and general applications. Slimline labels can be easily loaded into the slimline label dispenser for efficient and convenient access to relevant labels in your work area.

A small selection of label titles and colours are displayed. Please contact your local Teleflex Medical Territory Manager or Customer Service to learn more about the full range of labels available.

Jumbo Medical Labels

Jumbo medical labels are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours for a multitude of applications. These labels can be dispensed through the use of a jumbo label dispenser or in a convenient dispenser box.

Customised Sterile Labelling

Triarc Medical are now supplying sterile labels and can pre-pack your customised label requirements into a steri-peel pouch and sterilise them by ethylene oxide so they are ready to use. Our experienced Customer Service staff can help you for any enquires you have.

Reusable Label Dispensers

The ideal solution for your label storage and dispensing needs

Designed specifically for hospital requirements, these fully enclosed, high quality and modular dispensers are suitable for labels of any size and can be easily cleaned to prevent contamination.

Key features:

    Increased dimensions for larger rolls

    Designed to accommodate all National Recommendation labels

    Modular width system

    Interchangeable inserts enable dispenser to be configured to accommodate all roll widths

    Dispensing or non-peeling mode

    Select from automatically removing label from backing or switch to non-peeling mode if writing is required

    Stackable and wall mountable

    Keep your dispensers tidy through wall mounts or clicking in vertical or horizontally

    Fully enclosed

    Plastic dispensers are fully enclosed enabling cleaning and minimising infection risks

Triarc Reusable Label Dispensers

Reference Description
TLD15 Triarc Label Dispenser- 15mm width (suits anaesthetic slimline labels)
TLD35 Triarc Label Dispenser- 35mm width (suits line labels size 70mm×25mm)
TLD65 Triarc Label Dispenser - 65mm width (suits container labels & jumbos size 100mm×60mm, 60mm×50mm)

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