Teleflex Medical ANZ - Tidi Grip-Lok


Grip-Lok® Securement Devices

Part No. Description Application Device Length Case Qty
3200S Small Small Tube Securement 3200STubing Range: 1.5-4.55mm 100
3300M Medium Medium Tube Securement 3300MTubing Range: 3-8mm 100
3400L Large Large Tube Securement 3400LTubing Range: 6-13mm 100
3300MWA Medium Wide Adhesive PICC, CVC & Tube Securement
Suitable for use with silicone and polyurethane catheters
3300MWATubing Range: 6-13mm 100

Grip-Lok® Application Specific Securement Devices

Part No. Description Application   Case Qty
3300MIV Medium for both winged & non-winged catheters Peripheral Venous & Arterial Cannulas 3300MIV 100
3300MEPI Medium Epidural Epidural Catheter Securement 3300MEPI 50
3303MCS-TA Medium for Arrow CVC, PICC, Arterial CVC, PICC, Arterial Securement 3303MCSTA 50
3400LFC Large Foley Catheter Foley Catheter Securement 3400LFC 100
3600PFC Small Foley Catheter Paediatric Foley Catheter Securement 3600PFC 100
3601CVC CVC Securement PICC & CVC Securement
3601CVC 100
2100NGH Hydrocolloid Feeding Tube Securement 2100NGH 50
2200NUZA Extra Small PICC and LIne Securement with Zinc Oxide Adhesive PICC and Line Securement 2200NUZA 50
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