OMEGA Connector

KURZ - Omega Connector

TTP-VARIAC Partial Prosthesis

Compatible with all KURZ total prostheses that have a hollow stem with a diameter of 0.8 mm at the end of the shaft:

    TTP-VARIAC System Total
    TTP-Tuebingen Type AERIAL Total
    MR conditional for the future: 7.0 Tesla

Product Information


The Omega Connector is designed to compensate for tympanic membrane movements and provide additional stability to KURZ Total Prostheses. With sufficient footplate access, it increases the implants medial surface contact. The micro ball connects with the cannulated stem of the KURZ total prosthesis. In this way, it accommodates drum to headplate angles without prosthesis manipulations.


With the specially developed Omega Connector Sizer the surgeon can intraoperatively determine whether adequate space prevails between the stapes crura remnants. The measuring tip precisely corresponds to the dimensions of the Omega Connector.

To place the Omega Connector first into the middle ear an aspiration tip is ideally used. The cupped medial end of the total prosthesisis assembled with the OMEGA in situ. No adhesive necessary.

Developed in close collaboration with Dr. med. G. Schmid, Reutlingen, Germany.


    Increases medial surface contact of KURZ Total Prostheses
    Compensates for tympanic membrane movements
    Provides additional stability to KURZ Total Prostheses


    Accomodates drum to headplate angles without prosthesis manipulations
    Clinically evaluated
    Excellent biocompatibility


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