Teleflex Medical ANZ - KURZ K-Piston Stapes prosthesis

KURZ K-Piston Stapes Prosthesis

KURZ - K-Piston Stapes Prosthesis

    Pure titanium
    Low mass and high rigidity
    Rounded distal end of the prosthesis
    Rounded between the piston segment and the loop area
    Fixed length availability
    Distal end diameter 0.4 and 0.6mm
    Piston surgical technique
    MR conditional for the future: 7.0 Tesla

Product Information

Used most often worldwide

One of the most commonly used KURZ Stapes Prosthesis in the world is the K-Piston. Its tested design has set standards for the development of many other generations of stapes prostheses.


Numerous scientific studies support, among others, the excellent long-term suitability of this prosthesis.

Developed in close collaboration with the ENT Clinic of Essen University, Germany.


    Evaluated in clinical studies
    Tested design has set standards for further stapes prostheses generations
    Excellent long-term suitability