Teleflex Medical ANZ - KURZ CliP Piston Awengen

KURZ CliP Piston Awengen

KURZ - CliP Piston Awengen

Pioneer among the Clip Stapes Prostheses

    First KURZ Stapes CliP prosthesis with more than 15 years history of clinical usage
    Standardised coupling
    Pure titanium
    Crimp-free coupling
    Rounded distal end of the prosthesis
    Rounded between the piston segment and the loop area
    Fixed length availability
    Distal end diameter 0.4 and 0.6mm
    Piston surgical technique
    MR conditional for the future: 7.0 Tesla

Product Information

Pioneer among the Clip Stapes Prostheses

The TTP-Tuebingen has already been used successfully in tympanoplasty for several decades. As a result, KURZ is not only a hallmark of innovation but also of well-established long-term experience.


Open zones help facilitate vascular supply to the mucosa. Even at high frequencies, titanium is an advantageous prosthetic material due to its low mass, exceptional acoustic transmission properties and biocompatibility.

    Standardised insertion procedure
    Optimised signal transmission
    Vascular supply preserved
    Reduced risk of pressure necrosis