Respironics AF811 oro-nasal mask with gel cushion

Philips Respironics AF811 Oro-nasal Mask


The Respironics AF811 oro-nasal single-use mask provides long-term comfort by combining a soft gel cushion with a pliable silicone seal. The gel cushion evenly distributes pressure on the face, and the silicone flap seals around the sensitive nasal bridge with minimal pressure.

The CapStrap headgear provides additional stability and comfort while facilitating oral access.

The Philips Respironics AF811 oro-nasal single-use mask with gel cushion has additional features to improve patient comfort and noninvasive ventilation (NIV) performance for longer term patients in the institutional environment

    Foam forehead pads provide patient comfort and mask stability.
    Swivel clips simplify re-application by eliminating the need to refit after removal.
    Adjustable forhead support improves overall mask fit and reduces skin breakdown.
    With a choice of the standard elbow (SE) for dual-limb systems and the entrainment elbow (EE) for single-limb systems, clinicians can use the AF811 mask with most non-invasive ventilators.
    Velcro grab tabs allow quick, easy removal and adjustment of headgear.
    Integrated sizing guage provides a convenient way to reduce cross contamination and waste.


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